Sell Your Kits

Do you have a backlog of kits that you'll never build? Do you need to clear out some space and release some cash? Sell them to us!

Why sell them to Japan Cool?

Although you'll get a better price by selling them on places like ebay, your kits could take a long time to sell. You'll also be hit with ebay's fees (as well as Paypal's if you're paid that way), and have the hassle of individually packing up your kits and posting them out. Selling them to us all at once saves you the bother!

What are we interested in?

We're interested in buying most Japanese sci-fi kits, not just Gunpla. Ideally, we're looking to buy several kits at once, but we will consider buying individual kits if they are larger, particularly PG or MGEX kits.

What condition do the kits need to be in?

Kits should be complete and unbuilt, with boxes, manuals, and packets should be preferably unopened. Box damage is not generally an issue, but the offer price may be affected, particularly if the box is very tatty.

How much will you give me for them?

The offer price will ne based on the current market price of the kits and their condition. The price will be at a level that allows us to make a fair profit (otherwise there wouldn't be much point in us doing it). The more kits you sell us at once, the better the price we can offer you!

How will I get paid?

We prefer to pay by bank transfer, as that incurs no fees. We can pay by Paypal, but you will be responsible for any fees. At request, we can issue a cheque, but we are unable to pay cash under any circumstances.

What do I do next?

First, please inspect your kits to make sure they are all in good condition, and nothing is missing. Send us a list, along with a photo of each kit with the lid off and contents visible. If the kit is still sealed, please do not unseal them but ensure that you note this on the list.

We will then come back to you with a quote. If you're happy with the amount, we will then need to see proof of ID and address. Once you have let us know the kits are ready to be sent out, we can then make payment. You will need to provide us with a receipt for payment (this can just be a PDF showing your name, address, date, amount and signature).

If you are selling us a reasonably-sized collection, we will arrange collection at our expense.

Email your lists along with photos to, or contact us with any questions or queries.